Software that concentrates on the fundamentals of Workforce Management; accurate forecasting, optimised scheduling and effective Real Time Management.

Our intuitive interface makes the platform perfect for end users utilising workforce management software for the first time and will also be familiar to seasoned professionals. The system is cloud based and runs entirely through a web browser. This low impact set up makes the platform perfect for companies seeking a quick turnaround in staff performance and costs.

Use Cases:

  • Moving from Excel to a fully featured WFM Platform
  • A low cost fully featured workforce management tool
  • Don’t let your team get bogged down in the complexity of other workforce management tools, reduce the time spent on training the resource planning team, give them the power without the stress

Key Benefits

  • 100% Web Based – Any browser no downloads, no IT involvement
  • Advanced Forecasting - Historical data modelling, Visualize customer trends, Drag and drop smoothing, Mass adjustments, Forecast combined or individual queues
  • Multi Skill Scheduling - Schedule agents based on their individual skills as well as Schedule agents based on their individual skills
  • Rules based Scheduling - Enter rules for agent working, Flexible or specified days on/off, Rotational Patterns
  • Time-Off Management and Shift Swapping – Enable agents to book Time off and make shift swap requests
  • Real-Time adherence - Compare scheduled activity with actual activity, Identify poor agent behaviour, Authorise instances of ‘Out of Adherence’ and Agent receive a % score
  • Reporting- View actual contact volume vs. forecast, Report on all aspects of scheduled activities for all agents, Adherence Reporting

Qualtrak WFM Demo Video