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Qualtrak launches Evaluate, its high standard agent evaluation and online coaching solution, as a Quick Start Amazon Connect integration

by Costas Johnson on March 16, 2018

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We’re excited about the recent launch of our Evaluate for Amazon Connect solution. This will enable clients of Amazon Connect to evaluate and continuously improve the performance of its contact center agents. Evaluate is seamlessly and tightly integrated directly to the Amazon Connect call recording service and uses the Contact Trace Records (CTR). This enables calls to be found with greater refinement (rather than only using the media metadata) and maximizes the coaching benefit by finding calls which include specific situations e.g. the customer was put on hold and/or ‘handed-over’ to another agent.

Agents’ costs represent around 60% of the total cost of the contact center and therefore being able to have the tools that will continuously improve the performance quality is an essential investment. However, agents also have the opportunity to significantly contribute to the contact center’s profitability by being able to prevent repeat calls, minimizing call length, maximizing cross and up-selling opportunities and building trust and brand loyalty with their customers. Evaluate for Amazon Connect has been developed to equip agents with the right competencies and behaviors.

By offering Evaluate as a Quick Start* integration we are making it easy and rapid to deploy the solution and experience the 30 day free trial. To learn more about Evaluate and its benefits take a quick look at these short videos: Evaluate for Amazon Connect in 3 Minutes and The Evaluate Story.

Later this year we plan to launch a new solution called Evaluate with Analytics. This will use Speech Analytics, Emotion Detection, Text Analytics and performance related analytics to provide customers with a ‘closed-loop’ solution to automatically identify non-performing or non-compliant ‘needles in the haystack’ and turn these into bite-sized instant online coaching sessions to continuously close the non-performing gaps.

If you would like to see a demo of Evaluate for Amazon Connect please contact us at info@qualtrak.com.

In a future blog our CTO will describe the integration architecture and discuss other related technical matters.

* “Quick Starts are automated reference deployments that use AWS CloudFormation templates to deploy key technologies on AWS, following AWS best practices.” AWS.