Just imagine it was possible to be alerted on every occasion your agents fail to achieve crucial performance outcomes e.g. a missed opportunity to cross sell, to meet a regulatory requirement or misunderstanding the customer’s requirement and causing a repeat call to occur. Now imagine being able to turn these non-performing or non-compliant events into meaningful online bite-sized coaching opportunities for all your agents.

That is not all. Evaluate with Analytics has been developed to enable you to create online coaching packages, using agent’s personal calls plus analytics, for all the competencies required to be mastered by your agents in order to perform their roles to an excellent standard. We are proud to announce that Qualtrak will shortly be launching a new and highly innovative cloud-based solution available from its SaaS platform (built with AWS technologies) which will be tightly/seamlessly integrated with our partners’ Cloud Contact Center Platform’s native call recording service.

Evaluate with Analytics works like this:

Step 1: Supervisor chooses which competencies to tackle.

Step 2: Depending on the selected competencies the appropriate analytics engine is used. For example: select a Speech Analytics engine to coach ‘what to say’, select an Emotion Detection engine to coach ‘how to say it’, etc.

Step 3: Evaluate with Analytics searches and finds appropriate ‘needles in the haystack’ with the relevant evidence to create an online bite-sized coaching session.

Step 4: Supervisor receives the ‘needles’ together with the recorded calls and rapidly creates the coaching sessions which can be delivered to the agent instantly.

Step 5: Agents review at the best available time and at their own pace the interactive coaching sessions which include probing questions, observations with evidence and online learning material, together with the call.

Examples of Use Cases

  • Shortening ‘time to competence’ for new agents
  • Create a culture dedicated to continuous improvement
  • Launching of new products and services are followed immediately with personalized coaching to achieve rapid consistency

Invitation to Voice Analytics vendors

If you are a vendor and would like to partner with Qualtrak to have your solution made available within Evaluate with Analytics, please write to info@qualtrak.com to arrange for a discussion.

Key Benefits

  • Evaluate with Analytics is tightly integrated to the platform’s native call recorder
  • Client chooses which Analytics they wish to use at any time
  • Client decides on the amount they wish to spend on Analytics ($ for every recorded hour selected to be analyzed)
  • Evaluate with Analytics is an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution that does not require specialist skills such as Analyst skills. RoI commences almost from day one
  • Evaluate with Analytics enables clients to access the benefits of Speech, Emotion and Text Analytics with no upfront cost and pay per month for actual usage
  • Implement a performance improvement program which will make a difference to cross and up selling, AHT, repeat calls, compliance and customer satisfaction
  • Proactively manage the competencies of each agent by minimizing the time-to-competence, consistent standards, instant coaching with every non performance, improve the effectiveness of launching new products/services with instant coaching etc