Evaluate for Zendesk delivers significant value by including the following key features and benefits:

  • Tightly integrated to the Zendesk Platform and uses agent-related performance data to automatically find appropriate Tickets to use for coaching the agent
  • The Supervisors automatically receive the Tickets with the full conversation events (made up of different channels, including voice from Talk). Using Evaluate they are able to rapidly author bite-size online coaching packages which are sent to their agents to review at their own pace and at convenient times
  • For example, Supervisors are able find appropriate Tickets with low CSAT or NPS scores for different product, customer or ticket type which they use to author coaching packages. This enables them to systematically train their agents (using personal Tickets) on every scenario
  • Supervisors can choose to use Evaluate’s Quality Assessment module to assess and score individual Tickets and use the data to track agents’ performance
  • Company is able to undertake regular ‘baseline surveys’ on the performance of the organization, department or team
  • Recorded calls from Talk are used by streaming the media within Evaluate i.e. calls are not exported
  • Evaluate for Zendesk is a powerful engine which automatically drives ‘continuous agent improvement’ for all the required competencies, soft skills and knowledge
  • Evaluate for Zendesk can be deployed rapidly with a single click

Zendesk Partners

We would like to discuss with Zendesk Partners opportunities for joint collaborations to meet the needs of their customers more fully. Please write to us at info@qualtrak.com to arrange for an initial online meeting.