Evaluate for Amazon Connect by Qualtrak Solutions is a high standard agent evaluation (Quality Monitoring) and online learning solution that will help you to develop the skills of your agents and achieve the required standards in customer service, customer loyalty, brand values adherence, cross and up-selling, first call resolution, optimum call handling time and much more. It is easy and intuitive to use.

Evaluate is seamlessly integrated directly to the Amazon Connect call recording service and uses the Contact Trace Records (CTR) to enable supervisors to find calls that contain the appropriate ‘situations’ which match precisely the agent’s personal performance improvement needs e.g. how well did the agent transfer the customer’s call to another agent; if the customer was placed on hold, did the agent return to the customer if the hold-time was greater than x seconds and apologize; if the call resulted in the agent placing the customer on hold more than y times, was this caused by the agent failing to gain an understanding of the customer’s needs and causing the length of the call to be longer than it needed to be, etc. For the supervisor to be able to coach their agents on personal needs, it requires the right calls to be found (using CTRs) which contain the appropriate ‘situations’. Evaluate does not require the use of a third-party call recorder and therefore avoids additional costs.

Typically, the cost of agents equates to around 55% of the total contact center costs. Being able to manage effectively the performance of agents and be able to maximize both the productivity and quality of customer interactions, requires a robust Quality Management program to be implemented which continuously measures agent performance, identifies individual improvement needs and delivers to the agents appropriate online learning/coaching. Evaluate provides supervisors and managers with the required tools to support their Quality program.

Evaluate for Amazon Connect delivers significant value by including the following key benefits:

  • Rate the quality of calls against defined standards and create performance metrics
  • Track the performance of agents and benchmark agent and team performance
  • Create ‘evaluation templates’ which include the required skills and knowledge to meet critical standards e.g. regulatory compliance, cross and up-selling and much more
  • Include weightings for each evaluation element (questions) in order to produce headline scores
  • Include ‘auto-fail’ and calibration of supervisors’ evaluation consistency and objectivity
  • Provide agent coaching feedback comments, supportive call segments and learning attachments to each individual question in order that evaluated calls can also provide continuous online learning
  • Use the available easy to use/preformatted reports to track performance and set goals

Evaluate for Amazon Connect is a multi-tenanted solution designed to be used by customers with both single and multiple locations (of all sizes) using a common active directory. The solution is designed to be used by every type of user including supervisors, agents, homeworkers, branch network employees, quality and compliance auditors, trainers and managers/senior executives.

Amazon Connect system integrators/consulting partners and OEM vendors with cloud-based solutions including Collections, Inside Sales, Performance Management, Compliance: Qualtrak will be interested to discuss joint opportunities to create innovative/disruptive synergistic solutions, (using Evaluate for Amazon Connect), that will enhance customer value. We are currently developing new solutions integrated with Amazon Connect: 1) Automated Quality Management and 2) Evaluate with Analytics (personalized bite-sized online agent coaching). These will provide additional and exciting opportunities for joint initiatives.