Just imagine it was possible to be alerted on every occasion your agents fail to achieve crucial performance outcomes e.g. a missed opportunity to cross sell, to meet a regulatory requirement or they misunderstood the customer’s requirement and caused a repeat call to occur. Now imagine being able to turn these ‘non-performing events’ into meaningful online bite-sized coaching opportunities.

That is not all. Coach with Analytics has been developed to enable you to create online coaching packages, using their own calls plus analytics, for all the competencies required to be mastered by your agents in order to perform their roles to a standard of excellence. We are proud to have developed a cloud-based solution that will institutionalize a systematic standards-based learning and continuous improvement processes to be implemented in your contact center.

Coach with Analytics works like this:

Step 1: Supervisor or agent decides which competencies to tackle

Step 2: Depending on the selected competencies the appropriate analytics engine is used. For example:

  • Select Speech Analytics to coach ‘what to say’
  • Select Emotion Recognition to coach ‘how to say it’
  • Select Customer Feedback + Text Analytics to understand customer perceptions and use to coach agents

Step 3: Search which ‘needles in the haystack’ are useful for coaching purposes e.g. agent made an attempt to cross-sell but was unsuccessful

Step 4: Supervisor is sent the ‘needles’ together with the recorded calls and rapidly authors bite-sized online coaching sessions. Turnaround time less than 24 hours

Step 5: Agents receive the coaching sessions and work through them during convenient times and at their own pace

Why Omnianalytics Coaching™

We make available multiple type of analytics engines and enables the contact center supervisors to select whichever type of analytics is relevant to the coaching objectives. The client only pays for actual usage i.e. they are in control of the costs.

Our vision for Coach with Analytics is to expand the range of different types of ‘performance related’ analytics and empower the client to choose which is most appropriate for their needs. Coach with Analytics will evolve and embrace capabilities, including Artificial Intelligence, that will replicate as closely as possible an exceptional ‘side-by-side’ coaching experience.

Are you a vendor of analytics technology?

Do you believe that your technology is a good for the Omnianalytics Coaching™ model? Please contact us to discuss your technology. By partnering with us you we will provide you with a vehicle for your offering to the contact center market worldwide.

Use Cases:

  • Training new agents to meet required performance standards in a systematic, accelerated and cost efficient method

  • Introduce new products/services, policies/procedures, regulations, etc with prior coaching and on launch day to deliver a consistent customer experience and prevent repeat calls

  • Continuously search for every non-compliant event and use to produce personalized online coaching for the agent to continuously reinforce the deficient competencies and create a culture of ‘getting it right first time’

Key Benefits

  • Coach with Analytics is tightly integrated to the call recorder
  • Client chooses which Analytics they wish to use at any time. Coach with Analytics is tightly integrated to the call recorder
  • Client decides on the level of Analytics usage ($ for every recorded hour chosen to be analysed)
  • Coach with Analytics is an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution that does not require specialist skills such as Analyst skills. RoI commences almost from day one
  • Coach with Analytics enables clients to access the benefits of Speech, Emotion and Text Analytics with no upfront cost and pay per month for actual usage
  • Implement a performance improvement program which will make a difference to cross and up selling, AHT, repeat calls, compliance and customer satisfaction
  • Proactively manage the competencies of each agent by minimizing the time-to-competence, consistent standards, instant coaching with every non performance, avoid the panic to train agents after marketing has publicly communicated the launch of a new product! etc

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