“We are committed to building great products which are innovative and help contact centers succeed”

Making things simple

Qualtrak was initially founded in 1998 as Europe’s first specialist consulting business helping contact centers of all sizes to implement an effective Quality Monitoring and Coaching program or to renew their quality program. Working with clients of all sizes, and using all of the major QM products, provided us with valuable lessons in what makes an effective QM/coaching solutions. We applied these lessons when we transformed our business model from consulting services to becoming a Partner-led company developing products for the Contact Center market worldwide. The greatest lesson we learnt during our early years is the importance of providing supervisors and agents with products which are simple and intuitive to use, not being ‘over-engineered’, measurement must be combined with improvement i.e. the importance of using ‘closed-loop’ solutions and developing solutions which will assist management to create a sustainable ‘continuous improvement’ culture.

Listening to and learning from Partners and Customers

Our development road-map is shaped by the feedback we receive from our Partners and their customers. We strive to differentiate our products by remaining true to our vision and beliefs that the best way to serve our Partners is to develop great products which enable the agents to grow and to assist the supervisors/managers to create contact centers which deliver an excellent Customer Experience.

Meet the Team

Costas Johnson

Founder and CEO

Costas started the company in 1998 initially as a specialist consultancy business helping contact centers to implement or improve their quality monitoring programs. In 2010 he transformed Qualtrak into a software company specializing in developing high standard and innovative agent performance improvement applications.

Garrard Kitchen


Garrard joined Qualtrak in 2008 and has been responsible, together with his development team, in creating products that we love and are proud.

Georgina Foster

Partner Support and Product Evolution

Georgina originally joined Qualtrak in 2004 to provide our clients with independent call evaluation services, designing call evaluation templates and training supervisors in call evaluation skills. She has been able to infuse her vision and high personal standards into the development of our products.

Luke Fisher

Product and Marketing Manager

Luke joined us in 2016 and his primary role is to design and manage Qualtrak’s latest new product called Coach with Analytics. This product will form part of a unique multi-modular ecosystem which is currently being developed.

Kornelije Sajler

Lead Software Developer

Kornelije joined us in 2011 and is primarily responsible for the back-end software development of Coach. Kornelije has been able to apply his high level of skills in the development of Coach.

Antonis Zisis

UX Developer

Antonis joined us in 2013 straight after university and is responsible primarily for front end development.

Interested in joining our team?

We’ve built a culture based on mutual trust and respect, open and honest communication, striving for excellence and having an equal passion for innovation and serving our partners.

We have a strong vision and ambition to grow Qualtrak worldwide and develop excellent products.

We are a ‘virtual company’ with colleagues working from different parts of the world. If you share our values and are interested in joining us then please send your resume to Costas Johnson at: info@qualtrak.com.